Kitchen Design Trends To Watch In 2019

We know there are still three months of this year left, but of course talk within the design community has already turned to the hot trends for 2019.

Kitchen Design Trends To Watch In 2019

If you’re going to buy an ex display kitchen with the intention of revamping this part of your home in the early part of the year, you might want to think about some of the elements highlighted by a number of experts who recently spoke to

Open-plan kitchens that blend the living space with your cooking space are still popular, it’s all about this idea of creating a social space that reflects the demands of modern life.

Fred Horlock, design manager at Neptune, told the news provider that island counters are still a very popular choice, partly for their social nature.

“They act as a social hub and provide a perfect place for preparation,” he asserted. His top tip is to make sure you factor in seating around an island, and to fit a wine rack to this part of your kitchen too.

Meanwhile, creative director of Contour Kitchens Rachael Burgess predicted that the industrial look will continue to be popular among homeowners.

“The contrast of light and dark is still a classic combination in interior design,” she added. This is why a worktop with a concrete finish can work so well, because it provides texture with a cool, dark grey hue.

Other colours to watch out for in kitchen designs this year include olive grey, as well as darker shades of blue.

However, that doesn’t mean we all want our kitchens

to have a neutral colour palette. Melissa Klink, head of design at Harvey Jones, explained that more and more of us are looking for ways to make a bold design statement in our kitchens.

“Choosing to apply a more vibrant colour to their kitchen, whether a brightly coloured island, accessories such as stools or appliances, or painted cabinetry is a fantastic way to make a statement,” she asserted.

The advantage to using accessories to introduce colour to your space is that you can change them or replace them relatively easily. It gives you great flexibility to update your decor without having to go to the expense of buying new cabinets every couple of years.

There are also some trends that definitely have a more practical appeal, rather than being all about the aesthetic. Builder Online recently identified some of the top kitchen trends as cited by HGTV presenter Sabrina Soto.

She noted that touch-activated taps are becoming increasingly popular because they’re so easy to use, whether you have sticky hands or are holding a number of plates.

Another element of your pre-owned kitchen to consider carefully is the sink. According to Ms Soto, more and more people are choosing deep, single-basin sinks. This is because “deeper, one-basin sinks make soaking and washing dishes – especially larger pots and roasting pans – much easier,” she stated.

Whatever changes you’re making to your kitchen though, the most important thing is to ensure that they’ll work for you and your family. Consider how you want to use the space and what elements are essential before you make any purchases or design decisions.

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