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Also Sign Kitchen with Quartz Worktops & Appliances. London
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About this kitchen

Shape: L-shaped with island
Style: Modern
Colours: Cream
Cabinets: Wood Veneer
Worktop: Quartz

Kitchen breakdown:

Measurements for Kitchen: Island - L199xW96.5XH91.5 3 cabinets on one side with frosted doors with 2 glass shelf partitions each - 2 x L59.5xH78 and 1 x L45xH78 3 cabinets on other side with full gloss doors with 2 shelf partitions each - 2 x L59.5xH78 and 1 x L45xH78

Tall Units x 4 with Bosch microwave included 1x Fridge with box freezer, and small storage on top 2 x cabinets - 1 x above microwave with 2 shelf partitions (L59.5xH65.5) and 1 x below microwave with 2 shelf partitions (L59.5xH90.5) 1 x large shelving cabinet (L59.5xH209) 1 x slim shelving units (L29.5xH209)

Island & Cabinets by Cooker Oven Smeg Cooker/Oven (6 rings, 2 ovens with 1 shelf each) (L99.5xW60.5xH90.5) 3 pull out drawers each on left & right of cooker (bottom) - 2 x L40xH12.5; 2 x L40xH25.; 2x L40x38.5 2 pull up cabinets each on left & right of cooker (top) - 2 x L39.5xH38.5 (left of cooker) ; 2 x L59.5xH38.5 d.Long stretch including sink sinks x 2 - L71 (for both) 1 x carousel storage - unsure how to measure this 1 x double corner storage with 2 shelf partitions - unsure how to measure this Wine rack - 5 slots - measurement for all (L15xH78) 2 x large pull out drawers (L38.5xH89.5) 2 x units under sink (L49.5xH77.5) 1 x dishwasher space (note dishwasher is not included) (L59.5xH77.5) 1 x cabinet to right of dishwasher (L59.5xH77.5) 2 x floating shelves either side of sink (L90xW20xH5) 2 x closed pull out cabinets with frosted cover above floating shelves (L89.5xH45.5)

Measurements for Utility Room Worktop (L207xW63.5xH4) Sink with side space - (L94.5xW51) 2 x under sink cabinets (bottom) (L39.5xH77.5) 1 x larger cabinet on top with 1 shelf partition (L59.5xH77.5)and 2 smaller cabinets on top with one shelf partition (L39.5xH51.5) 2 spaces for washing machine & dryer (neither appliances are included) (L61.5xH87 and L66xH87) 1 x tall storage unit with 2 shelf partitions towards the top - some hooks and side storage on the side too (L49.5xH207.5)

Other things to note part of the worktop has a join - see photo, this is the left of the sink by the 2 pull out drawers waste disposal is disconnected but can be re-connected, pipe work is there (see photo) rubber in oven on the left is loose - needs re-attaching / replacing (see photo) Extractor - Elica Glacier Extractor - please note both bulbs arent working but can be replaced

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