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Located in Wimslow, Cheshire. Buyer to remove.
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Buyer to remove, would make a great first kitchen or for a rental Flat.
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About this kitchen

Shape: L-shaped
Style: Shaker
Colours: Timber
Cabinets: Wood Effect
Worktop: Quartz

Kitchen breakdown:

Total size of kitchen:

H: 543cm W: 176cm

Split down by unit it is:

A base unit which includes: 4 x double width drawers, 2 x side cupboards, 2 x further drawers, Quartz worktop, 3 tier wall unit. Image shows below in email below. Total Unit size. H:104cm, W:176cm, D:64cm until drop-in unit. Please note D:118cm is the full size to end of unit including sink dip area.
4 double width draws. H:14cm, W:90cm, D:60cm. 2 side cupboards. H:101cm (from floor including skirting board part) W:30cm (this is the door size not including frame part) D:60cm. 2 x further draws. H:14cm, W: 30cm, D:60cm. Quartz worktop (not including the attached sink unit that sits behind). H:3cm, W:176cm, D:64cm. Three tier wall unit. H:127.5cm, W:56.5cm D:33.5cm (please note that this shelf is sitting on top of Quartz worktop as per photos)

Sink unit with a double base cupboard and 2 x drawers. Image shows below in email below. Total size of unit. H:89.5cm, W:143cm, D:58cm. Sink size. H:6.5cm this excludes quartz around edge, with quartz it is H:9.5cm, W:54.5cm, D:43cm. Double base cupboard. H:89.5cm including quartz top, without H:86cm, W: 15.5cm (including leg sides) D:56cm. 2 x drawers. H:14cm, W:115.5cm (including leg sides), D:58cm.

5 walls cupboards with Miele Extractor Hood. Image shows below in email below. 5 wall cupboards total size. H:95cm, W:313cm, D:33.5cm. Cupboard 1,2 & 3 (total sizes as sits together in one unit): H:95cm, W:138cm, D:33.5cm. Cupboard 4 & 5 (total size as sits together as one unit).H:95cm, W:95cm, D:33.5cm. Miele Extractor Fan. H:70cm, W:70cm, D:52cm.

4 x base cupboards, Miele Dishwasher, Miele Gas Hob and 3 x Double base unit drawers. Image shows below in email below. Total size of unit. H: 89.5cm, W:368cm (measured until cupboard that sits on top of it which is 57cm with space underneath is 425cm. D:58cm (to end of quartz top, overhang on top is 2cm). Base Cupboard 1. H: 89.5cm, W:62.5, D:56cm. Base Cupboard 2 (dishwasher). H: 89.5cm, W:60cm, D:56cm Base Cupboard 3,4 & 5. (total size as sits together as one unit). H: 89.5cm W:136.5cm, D:56cm. Miele Gas Hob size: H:1cm W:80cm D: 51.5cm Double base unit draws. H: 89.5cm (including quartz top which is H:3cm) W:110cm (end of quartz top) D:67.5cm (including quartz top overhang).

Miele Double Ovens/Microwave, Warming Drawer, 3 x Cupboards and an open 3 tier wall cupboard. Image shows below in email below. · Oven side: H: 232.5cm. Cupboard side H: 142.5cm, W:125.5cm, D:60cm. · Oven to cooling draw: H:121cm, W:60cm, D:60cm.

Separate Large double height storage cupboard. - image shows below Total size of unit. H:233cm, W: 120cm, D:48cm (depth measured inside of unit measure as enclosed).

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