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Modern Nolte Kitchen. Located on the Isle of Wight.
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Located on the Isle of Wight. Please email for a plan of the kitchen. Bosch fridge/ freezer included. Buyer to remove, must be sold by 1st week of November!
£3,750 Enquire now
Ref: JQ3MB
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About this kitchen

Shape: U-shaped
Style: Modern
Colours: Blue
Cabinets: Laminate
Worktop: Quartz

Kitchen breakdown:

From Left -

1 Fridge with freezer cool box Bosch KIL82

4 drawers 60x30

2 drawers 50x30 Corner carousel

Dishwasher panel 60

Cupboard doors under sink 2x40

Bin cupboard with internal shelf and drawer 60

Le Mans cupboard 60

Under Hob: 1 drawer 90x30 with internal drawer, and 1 90x40 2 drawers , 1 40x30 with internal drawer, and 1 40x40

Above the cookers are 3 overhead cupboards 90,90 and 100 wide, and 30 high.

On the other side of the peninsula are 4 drawers 90x30

Window seat including cushions, 2 drawers 60x40 in white and a 60 wide storage space lined with oak like the over head cupboards.

The worktop: the stretch to the left of the oven is 128cm, from left hand wall to end of peninsula is 380cm, and the peninsula is 300cm.

The 2 sinks are 40x48 and 30x16.

The piece of worktop that the sink is in is 225 from join to join.

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