Homeowners Reveal Their ‘Dream Kitchen’ Checklists

It’s a big myth that just because you choose to buy an ex-display kitchen, you can’t get exactly what you want. In most cases, you can get exactly what you want at a price you may not have been able to afford otherwise. After all, according to The Mirror , only 25 per cent of homeowners have their dream kitchen, but just what goes into the cocktail that makes for the perfect kitchen space?

Homeowners Reveal Their ‘Dream Kitchen’ Checklists

Some of the most popular objects on the list are the most obvious – a kitchen island, for example, scored highly, as well as a breakfast bar, all designed to turn a kitchen into a more social space. Over half of the 2,000 homeowners surveyed said that the kitchen was the heart of the home.

Next came a whole raft of what we’d call useful

luxuries – a double sink, for instance, rated very highly, as did the like of smart dishwashers, coffee machines and instant hot water taps. A sleek oven with a ‘slide and hide’ front was also a dream luxury. While these aren’t necessities, these are the smaller details that make your dream kitchen a real luxurious space.

In terms of cabinets, pull outs were preferred, and most people preferred an in-built fridge to a freestanding one. Under cabinet lighting also rated very highly with respondents.

What was maybe most surprising was the number who wanted something in the space to entertain them while they do the washing up. For some, the equated to a large flat screen TV to watch, while others just wanted the window above the sink to look out onto the countryside – a washing up window as it were!

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